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Heart failure progresses rapidly and multiple thromboembolisms develop.

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Septic thromboembolism of Colchicine pills is often accompanied by purulent meningoencephalitis, leading to death. The condition of the valve apparatus and the patient requires immediate surgical intervention - the valve is removed as a focus that supports septicemia. Septic shock significantly complicates the course, while the patient’s consciousness is impaired, blood pressure decreases, and vomiting occurs. In drug addicts who use unsterile syringes, septic endocarditis occurs 30 times more often.

Symptoms of subacute bacterial endocarditis.

  • With this form, symptoms appear gradually (over 2-4 weeks) and are varied, which often leads to a delay in diagnosis. This form usually develops in patients with cardiac pathology. Characterized by moderate destruction of valves. With timely and adequate treatment, it has a more favorable prognosis.
  • This variant occurs with a low-virulent pathogen (enterococcus, epidermal staphylococcus) or with ineffective antibacterial treatment. The subacute course is associated with the presence of a focus of infection inside the heart, which supports septicemia, embolism and certain immune disorders that cause the development of nephritis, vasculitis, polyserositis.
  • In this course of the disease, the most common in the clinical course are embolisms - cerebral, renal vessels with the development of hematuria,coronary vessels with the appearance of focal changes in the myocardium. Bacterial endocarditis also manifests itself with other symptoms indicating damage to buy Colchicine online and systems.

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  • Heart damage with increasing heart failure is the leading clinical syndrome. Patients are worried about palpitations, swelling, shortness of breath, cyanosis develops, the neck veins swell, and the liver enlarges.
  • A regurgitant murmur appears in the heart. Myocarditis often develops with expansion of the cavities of the heart. When an abscess ruptures in the myocardium, purulent pericarditis may develop.
  • When the tricuspid valve is damaged (fungal infection, infection of venous catheters), the picture of bilateral pneumonia comes to order colcrys pills online, often abscessing, which is difficult to treat.

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Neurological manifestations. headache, disturbances of consciousness, paralysis, paresis, development of ischemic stroke (caused by embolism). In 2-10% of patients, hemorrhagic stroke occurs, caused by rupture of fungal aneurysms of cerebral vessels. It is also possible to develop purulent meningitis or brain abscesses caused by embolism of infected blood clots. In older people, symptoms of toxic encephalopathy appear, including the development of hallucinations. The appearance of neurological complications can also occur later during antibacterial therapy. Damage to the musculoskeletal system occurs in 50-60% of cases. Sometimes they are the initial signs of subacute endocarditis, and sometimes they precede the true picture of the disease by several months.

In patients, the knee and ankle joints (one or both) are affected, and less commonly, small joints. Characterized by myalgia, inflammation of the tendons. Drug addicts often develop septic arthritis of various locations. Pain syndrome may appear in the lower back, due to metastatic bacterial osteomyelitis. The predominant localization of thromboembolism is the brain, lungs, and less commonly, the kidneys and coronary arteries. Pulmonary embolism is manifested by severe shortness of breath, suffocation, and chest pain.

Quite often, with tricuspid valve endocarditis, pulmonary embolism develops, followed by infarction pneumonia and hemoptysis. Kidney damage develops in the form of diffuse glomerulonephritis, thromboembolic renal infarction. In 5-30% of cases, patients develop renal failure. Peripheral manifestations, which include various hemorrhages on the skin, conjunctiva, mucous membrane, linear hemorrhages at the base of the nails (dark red stripes). Janeway spots are hemorrhagic spots on the palms and soles caused by necrotic changes in the capillaries with hemorrhages into the surrounding tissues.

Osler's nodes are small, painful nodules on the fingers and toes. They are short-term in nature (lasting several days) and are caused by the proliferation of colcrys pills of arterioles with inflammation. Lukin's spots are hemorrhagic rashes on the transitional fold of the conjunctiva; at the same time, there may be the same hemorrhages on the skin and mucous membranes. Roth spots are hemorrhages in the retina that have a white spot in the center.

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